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Chelsea Dygert Sutton is the founder and CEO (Chief Espresso Obtainer) of ConsultMent AZ.  She is a Marketing Strategist, Social Media Manager and Workshop host. Chelsea developed the company and has been working in marketing and social media since graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2012 from the Top 10 W.P. Carey program at Arizona State University.  

Chelsea believes that the most important thing in life is love and connection; and she believes that business exists to solve a problem.  She believes that social media should be a tool we use to create and enhance our connections, with the community that needs our help. Her degree is in Entrepreneurship and Business management, therefore, she takes a practical, holistic and strategic approach to marketing.  It’s not about what’s trendy. It’s about what is working and how it can serve YOUR business, today, and tomorrow.

Chelsea has helped brands at all stages develop marketing plans and deploy social media strategies to achieve their goals. From startup clothing brands to million dollar companies, her clients are across multiple industries from restaurants, to consumer products and B2B brands.  Clients have seen results such as the development of new strategic partners, better culture, streamlined marketing processes and growth of over $200k a year. The “niche” Chelsea focuses in is: “good companies providing good (aka high quality) products or services.” Read More…

Chelsea is originally from Buffalo NY, spent 13 years in Eastern North Carolina (Go Pirates), and has been in Arizona since 2011.   She married her high-school sweetheart after almost 10 years of dating, in 2017. Travis, who got his master’s degree in tax accounting left the (unfulfilling) corporate world of accounting to become a full time creative director and web developer for ConsultMent AZ.  Chelsea and Travis have been working together full time since 2016, and have doubled their business in that time.

ConsultMent AZ offers services in 3 main capacities

Chelsea believes in the power of community.  She volunteers her time mentoring entrepreneurs in business development, running youth camps and retreats, and serves on the advisory board for a co-working space, and a technology company in the beauty space.  Chelsea teaches free classes monthly to offer the community the chance to learn about how BEST to use social media to create connections and share love. As the tide rises, so do we all.

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