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If you build it,
they will come

Yeah, right!

Let me guess,

  • you wear so many hats for your business that you need a hat rack.

  • you know the marketing hat is an important one, but you just don’t know where to start.

  • you know you need to do some social media, but it’s frustrating every time the stupid app changes. Plus, when is the right time to post?

  • you need a marketing plan, but who has time to format spread sheets.

  • you’ve got some general direction, but now you need intentional focus and to be re-inspired – remember that fire you had when you started?


You’ve done a great job working in your business, now it’s time to work on your business.

That’s why we have put together, The Marketing Society.

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The Marketing Society

is a self titled group of business people who are focused on doing good business, growing their business, and supporting their community.

Our Contribution to the Society. Workshops.

We will be offering a rotating list of online and in person workshops that help:

Teach you marketing principles.

Offer business tools for scaling.

Keep you up to date on trends.

Introducing our Next Classes

Mastering Word of Mouth

A 2-part series to develop productive and profitable face-to-face relationships!

Do you feel alone in growing your business? Are you frustrated with unsuccessful networking events? Are you struggling on getting new clients in your door? Need to build a strong sales team instead of pushing a sales message?

Value: $1,200

Price: $105

Hosted by Jaclyn Zoccoli & Chelsea Sutton
Thursday, Nov 29 + Dec 13, 11am-2pm
at DeskHub in Old Town Scottsdale

Seats are limited.

$105.00SIGN UP NOW!

Marketing that Makes a Difference

A workshop for business growth and marketing tools.

An 8 week course on social media, marketing, and business principles that will force you to grow! You’ll develop a marketing plan, establish branding essentials, learn necessary social media trends, and connect with likeminded entrepreneurs.  You’ll accomplish more in 8 weeks than most do in a year for your business.

Value: $6,880

Price: $997

Hosted by Dorothy Huyhn & Chelsea Sutton
Class 1: November 19th
Class 2-8: Every Wednesday
From 9am to 12pm
Skips the week of Christmas.
Weekly for 8 Weeks

Seats are limited.

$997.00SIGN UP NOW!

*This course is only for people who are willing to put in the work and take their business to the next level.

What’s Included:

  • Start with WHY and identify your vision and message.

  • Access to ConsultMent AZ’s Facebook Group with all material and ongoing marketing updates.

  • Create ongoing business support through weekly group coaching calls for all 6 weeks.

  • Create a 12 month marketing plan.

  • Google Drive Basics.

  • Which social platforms are best for your business type.

  • Social media tips – hashtags, when to post, and memes.

  • Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing tips.

  • How to get in front of press and media without having a PR agency.

  • Twitter, marketing systems, and email marketing tips.

  • How to get in front of press and media without having a PR agency.

  • SEO basics and website strategy.

  • Is blogging worth my time?

  • Engagement + optimization + conversion.

  • Facebook advertising – stop wasting your money, start converting.

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